Apothecary Products Needed To Make Custom Bath Bombs

Apothecary Products Needed To Make Custom Bath Bombs

Bath bombs enhance your bathing experience by adding color and fragrance to your bath water. Making your own bath bombs allows you to customize ingredients and scents to fit your preferences. You can make custom bath bombs at home using high-quality apothecary products, such as bath bomb bases, essential oils, and colorants. Here is more information about the products you’ll need to create bath bombs at home:

Bath Bomb Bases

Bath bomb bases are the main ingredients that give bath bombs the fizziness they are known for. The main ingredients for a bath bomb include sodium bicarbonate or baking soda, citric acid, and cornstarch. The citric acid and sodium bicarbonate react when placed in water to create carbon dioxide bubbles. These bubbles create the fizzing effect that is often associated with bath bombs. Cornstarch, or arrowroot, binds the other ingredients together and creates a smooth texture. Epsom salt or dead sea salt can also be added to the bath bomb to provide a calming effect and soothe tense muscles. Incorporate other additives to your bath bomb base to customize and personalize your bath bombs.


Fragrance oils allow you to control the type and intensity of your bath bombs’ scents. Apothecary products like essential oils, fragrance oils, and carrier oils come in various scents that are safe for personal care items. Some soothing fragrance options for bath bombs include lavender, peppermint, and rose. Essential oils and carrier oils also have skin-nourishing properties that make them beneficial additions to bath bombs. These oils create an aromatic bathing experience while moisturizing the skin and leaving it feeling softer. 


Adding dried flowers and herbs to your bath bombs allows you to create a well-rounded sensory experience. Botanicals such as rose hips, lavender flowers, and peppermint leaves can improve the scent and feel of your bath bombs. Try adding botanicals that match or complement the colors and fragrances of your bath bomb base to create a more unique product.


Colorants add pigment to your bath bombs to make them more visually appealing. The custom colors of your bath bomb also affect the color of the bath water once they’re dissolved. You can add dyes or mica powder to your bath bombs to change their color. Both colorant options easily blend into the base mixture and come in various pigment options. If you prefer more natural ingredients, add turmeric, spirulina, or beetroot powder to brighten your bath bombs. These ingredients provide natural coloring while offering potential skincare benefits.


Bath bomb additives like clays and witch hazel increase the benefits of your bath bombs. They may make your bath bomb feel and look more luxurious and personalized. Bentonite clay is a healing clay thought to absorb poisons and toxins that get trapped in the skin. Witch hazel is another naturally derived substance that is used on the skin for healing and medicinal purposes. It can help relieve inflammation and reduce skin irritation. Including skin-healing additives in your bath bomb creates a more soothing and relaxing bathing experience.

Presses and Molds

You can purchase trays and molds to shape your bath bombs into even spheres or unique shapes. This improves the appearance of the bath bomb and makes it look professionally produced. If you make a lot of bath bombs for commercial or personal use, you may benefit from purchasing a pneumatic bath bomb press. These presses save time during production by effortlessly creating multiple uniform bath bombs at once. 


Package your bath bombs in plastic containers or decorative bags to increase their visual appeal and keep them safe during transport. Select custom packaging solutions, including custom labels and various types of bags or mailers, to personalize your products. Purchasing unique packaging allows you to add a custom label, message, or image to your bath bombs before gifting or selling them.

Purchase Apothecary Products for Custom Bath Bombs

Creating custom bath bombs is a great way to elevate and introduce therapeutic elements to the bathing experience. Apothecary products such as bath bomb bases, fragrance oils, botanicals, and natural additives can help you create custom bath bombs with your preferred colors and scents. Purchase these products at an apothecary to start creating your own custom bath bombs at home.

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