4 Projects an Artificial Turf Supply Company Can Help Support

4 Projects an Artificial Turf Supply Company Can Help Support

Artificial turf is suitable for various applications due to its durability, versatility, and low maintenance requirements. The ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain a consistent appearance makes turf reliable for outdoor and indoor environments. Here are four projects an artificial turf supply company can help support:


Artificial turf suits backyard lawns due to its soft and lush texture, providing a comfortable surface for families to enjoy outdoor activities. The lightweight construction of artificial turf makes it suitable for rooftop gardens, minimizing structural load and enabling easy installation.

Porous backing and an integrated drainage system facilitate water drainage, preventing waterlogging and maintaining a healthy environment for plants. For rooftop gardens, heat resistance in turf can withstand direct sunlight and minimize heat absorption, allowing a comfortable surface temperature.

Office courtyards benefit from synthetic turf installation due to the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic from employees, visitors, and outdoor furniture. The low pile height provides a professional appearance with minimal risk of matting or wear patterns in high-traffic areas. Safety features, such as shock-absorbing padding or infill options in turf, reduce the impact of injuries and falls in parks. 

Pet Areas

In residential yards, dog parks, and veterinary clinics, turf provides a durable and comfortable surface for pets to play and relax. Many artificial turf products for pet areas come with specialized antimicrobial infills, which help prevent odors and bacteria buildup. These infills neutralize odors and inhibit the growth of bacteria, keeping the pet area fresh and sanitary for pets and their owners.

Turf installations use infill material, such as silica sand or rubber granules, to support the turf fibers and provide cushioning. This infill adds weight and stability to the turf, making it more resistant to damage from pet digging. With the non-porous surface, pet owners remove pet waste quickly by hosing down or spot-cleaning the area.

Golf Courses

For customization, artificial turf supply companies offer specialized products for various areas of the golf course, including putting greens, driving ranges, and chipping areas. Putting green turf may have shorter pile heights and higher stitch densities to mimic the smoothness and consistency of natural grass greens. Driving range turf may have longer fibers to absorb the impact of golf balls and provide durability against repetitive use.

Artificial turf offers opportunities for incorporating innovative design elements into the golf course layout. Designers can experiment with contouring, undulations, and slope variations to create challenging and dynamic putting greens that test golfers’ skills. Installers employ precision cutting and seaming for smooth integration of turf sections and optimal performance across the playing surface.


Synthetic turf offers various texture options, ranging from soft and plush surfaces to more rugged and textured ones. Installers select turf with a cushioned feel for areas where children sit or lie down, such as under play structures. Synthetic turf for playgrounds is made from non-toxic materials that are safe for children and the environment. Manufacturers treat turf using UV inhibitors to prevent fading, discoloration, and degradation, making it suitable for playgrounds due to exposure.

Installers can use colored turf or add painted lines, shapes, or symbols to designate play areas, game courts, or traffic paths within the playground. These markings enhance the visual appeal of the playground and help children understand boundaries and navigate the space safely. Synthetic turf does not need to be mowed, watered, fertilized, or treated with pesticides, allowing children to enjoy uninterrupted play.

Choose a Reputed Artificial Turf Supply Company

A reputed artificial turf supply company offers turf in various colors, pile heights, and textures to suit different applications. Turf can be used in many projects, including golf courses, playgrounds, landscaping, and pet areas. Find an artificial turf supply company near you that can help you finish your next project.

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