Steps To Take If Your Commercial Glass Is Damaged

Steps To Take If Your Commercial Glass Is Damaged

When the glass on your business property breaks, you need to take swift action. Damaged commercial glass, whether it’s a window, door, or storefront, can pose security risks and aesthetic concerns. It also presents a safety hazard to employees and visitors.

Knowing the correct steps for commercial glass replacement can help you avoid downtime and costly liability claims. Here are the steps you can take if your commercial glass is damaged:

Create a Safety Perimeter

Secure the area to keep people from walking near the damaged commercial glass. This can prevent injuries and other safety hazards. Use tape or a ribbon to block off the area and display signage to warn people of the danger.

The secured area should be large enough to prevent the possibility of shattered glass injuring people outside your boundaries.

Evaluate the Resulting Damage

Carefully assess the affected area to determine the severity of the situation. The maintenance crew may need this information to fill out the incident report.

If the glass has a warranty, the assessment can be used to determine whether you qualify for a free repair. Be specific and collect as much information as possible regarding the damage.

Locate an Alternative Access Point

If the damaged commercial glass is at the main entrance of your premises, find an alternative entrance and exit. Once you scope out and choose an alternative, inform everyone using the premise about the temporary change. You can place a sign at the entrance with the damaged glass to direct people to the new entrance point.

Make All Required Calls

Notify the appropriate people, citing the cause of the incident, be it vandalism, an accident, or a break-in. These people include the police, who will investigate the incident, and professionals specialized in commercial glass repair and replacement.

If the damaged commercial glass or the premise is insured, you can file a claim with your provider. For most business properties, insurance policies include commercial glass replacement owing to occurrences such as falling objects, vandalism, and theft.

Clean Up the Area

Hire professional cleaners who have the right tools and protective gear to clean and safely dispose of any shattered glass. If you choose to clean the shattered glass by yourself, wear the correct protective gear to prevent injuries. Start by picking up all the large pieces with a broom, and then vacuum to get rid of small glass debris.

Coordinate Repairs or Replacement

Choose a provider that specializes in commercial glass repairs or replacement. Work closely with the provider to keep your business operations unobstructed when the glass replacement and repairs are ongoing. For the glass type, choose one that is durable and a good fit for your premises.

When the repairs or replacements are carried out, maintain open communication with all relevant stakeholders. Inform them about the steps you are taking to address the situation, including the progress of the replacement process. 

Implement Preventive Measures

After the repair or replacement, take preventive measures to deter similar incidents from occurring in the future. Effective proactive measures can include using shatter-resistant glass and reviewing your security protocols to safeguard your commercial glass against damage.

These measures will save you from costly repairs and replacements or unwarranted liabilities from injuries caused by damaged glass.

Get Commercial Glass Replacement Today

Commercial glass replacement contractors can be a lifesaver when your commercial glass is damaged or completely shattered. When you discover damaged commercial glass on your property, reach out to an emergency glass services contractor. Let the professionals help you with your commercial glass repairs and replacement as you focus on your business. Start your search for a reputable commercial glass vendor today.

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